About Laurie.


Laurie Booth has been involved with the study and training of the human body since graduating from Dartington College in 1977. His work as a choreographer and dancer established him as a leading activist within the emerging post modern dance scene in Europe and the UK.


His approach to the training and aesthetics of performance has been seminal to the current generation of dancers who are indebted to his pioneering work in extending the language of dance.

Myolastic Project

His collaboration with artists such as Hans Peter Kuhn, Anish Kapoor, Gavin Bryars and Dj Scanner created an eclectic and powerful body of work. He is a Gyrotonic instructor with a full time studio practice.


He is a co-founder of the MYOLASTIC Project which explores the aesthetic functionality of anatomy.


Fascia is our medium of movement.  Current research into its qualities and functions is at the cutting edge of sport and movement training.


This training is an essential professional development for dancers, Pilates students, Yoga practitioners and body workers.

Gyrotonic® Training

Gyrotonic® Training

Laurie teaches Gyrotonic® training at Brighton Natural Health Centre.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique exercise system originally designed for dancers and other highly trained bodies. Devised by ex dancer and movement polymath, JULIU HOVARTH, it draws upon key principles from dance,yoga and martial arts.



Morphic Release

Morphic Release

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